Who are we ?

It all started a few years ago, when two brothers, passionate about sport and in search of renewal, decided to set up in Quebec with the following objectives: to observe, learn, evolve and forge a destiny.

Montreal is a city that suits them, a city where everything seems possible to them, and it is there that they will launch themselves the biggest challenge of their life: to create an identity, a brand, a concrete symbol of inspiration for all those who are fighting to make their dreams come true.

From a philosophy to a product

From a young age, the two brothers have been immersed in martial arts. Honor, benevolence and loyalty are the values ​​that guide them in their daily actions. It has also become a true corporate philosophy.
The essence of Reyjin Sport is the constant search for excellence through the development of sober, elegant clothing endowed with high technicality. < / p>

So that performance rhymes with style and commitment.

To a community

It is through contact with athletes that our ideas take shape and allow us to find solutions that will allow you to benefit from optimal quality. Because your comfort is the condition of performance.