This week, we bring you a little zoom on the fabrics we use to create our sports ranges and the reasons why we have chosen these materials. At Reyjin, our search for fabric always comes up against three imperatives: the comfort provided, the thermal properties and the flexibility of the fabric.

Elastane, the key to the alloy

Creating a high-end sportswear item always requires the best possible fabric. This inevitably requires the best combination of fibers. At Reyjin, it is the polyamide - elastane combination that we have chosen to highlight in our sports collections.

Together, they constitute a real winning duo that takes into account the expectations of the most seasoned since they allow them to maintain freedom of movement. The reason ? Elastane is a fiber known for its elasticity.

The combination offers us the possibility of producing resistant, flexible, anti-perspirant, breathable sports clothing which allows perfect regulation of humidity and moisture. the heat.

High quality recycled polyester

Best of all, our latest addition, the first Reyjin-branded leggings, will be made from 100% recycled polyester!

Recycled polyester is the same as virgin polyester in terms of quality, but requires 59% to produce. percent less energy compared to virgin polyester. In addition, recycled polyester helps reduce the extraction of crude oil and natural gas from the Earth to produce more plastic.

One way for us to step up our fight for compliance with the planet and continue our journey to become a company at the forefront of eco-responsibility.


R02 mask as standard with text

Eco-responsibility also and above all means promoting short circuits and local partnerships. Our R02 mask is a reflection of our commitment since the fabric used in its manufacture is 100% made in Quebec! When we tell you that we are fighting for our convictions!

This famous fabric, an alloy of recycled polyester and eco-responsible lyocell, is a subtle combination that gives our masks many advantages: flexible, silky and resistant, they are ideal for good humidity management and good air renewal capacity.

Its polypropene filter, recognized as one of the most efficient fibers on the market to prevent propagation of a virus, is the final element that makes our R02 a mask that is both local, eco-responsible and terribly effective, in everyday life as well as in full effort!