Reyjin Sport is proud to present its new mask, the R02: A proudly Quebecois mask!

In order to offer you a high-performance mask made locally, Reyjin Sport has looked into the necessary but essential specifics to offer a new version of our R01 mask:

  • Breathability.
  • Particle filtration.
  • Moisture absorption.

The R02 is a more comfortable mask to wear than its little brother the R01. It has been reworked and modified in order to respond even more specifically to the problems encountered in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, while offering you maximum comfort and reinforced protection. In addition, this model is also customizable: you can choose between several colors of elastic.

Here are our different design stages:

Step 1: The design

100% Montreal! It was carried out following several anthropometric studies aimed at studying the different typical face morphologies and creating a mask that can adapt to the largest number of individuals.

<transcy>Step 2: The choice of materials</transcy>

To make the R02, we started with raw materials from Quebec territory and thanks to extensive research work, we were able to establish with precision the choice of materials to use.

We therefore have opted for several fibers which, by their association, offer an efficient result:

Natural fibers thanks to tencel. They provide softness and better absorption of moisture and therefore projected particles.

Polyester for its high capacity to dry quickly, thus preventing the proliferation of bacteria.

Coolmax fibers for better breathability and higher ventilation, thus providing you with more freshness during prolonged use.

<transcy>Step 3: The threading</transcy>

Here again, we have chosen to work with a Quebec company, Filspec, and to highlight local know-how. Once our materials were found, we spun them together in order to obtain a single spool of yarn with exceptional qualities meeting our three criteria (breathability / absorption / filtration).

Step 4: Knitting

Direction Guillemot International in Quebec. There, our spools are knitted to give shape to our fabric. This is not tinted in order to eliminate any chemical treatment of the tissue and thus avoid potential inflammation in the pulmonary alveoli, as demonstrated by the latest research carried out on tinted tissues.

Step 5: Cutting and assembling

Return of our fabric to Montreal to our partners where it is cut and the different parts of the mask assembled. Then return to our workshop-boutique where the assembly will be finalized and your mask personalized.

Welcome to our new mask the R02 !

May it be a decisive accessory in the fight against Covid 19.