Reyjin was founded with the goal of making sportswear more intelligent. In 2014, Yannick allied himself with his older brother Jerome to accomplish this mission. 

Yannick is passionate about martial arts and Cross-fit. He developed his entrepreneurial spirit travelling the world and participating in athletic competitions. He is an athlete at the international level, with a degree in Sports Science from the University of Bordeaux.

Jerome, the older brother, has always been inspired by nature. A landscape architect by trade but a visionary at heart, he transcends the traditional scope of his formal education by managing a sportswear company. An athlete as well, but not as international as Yannick, Jerome manages his role of older brother with ease nonetheless. 

When we first founded our company, we launched a collection of tracksuits sold directly to athletic clubs, branded with their logos. Gyms and clubs were eager to give us a chance when they heard of our mission to manufacture our products in Canada, while competing with the much larger athletic apparel giants on the market. We produce our products with sophisticated, high tech material, bringing optimal comfort and protection to athletes in all sorts of environments. 

After selling directly to businesses for a while, we decided to add two elements to our business. The first was our own collection of athletic gear. We learnt a lot producing gear for gyms and clubs, so we applied this knowledge to the production of our own collection made in our own companies image. The second was to become a wearables company, under our Reyjin Lab devision. After building a proof of concept, we received several financial grants supporting this mission. Thanks to this financing, we are able to create apparel that is making bounds into the future, combining body awareness, safety, interconnectivity, and protection. 

Our primary consideration when designing athletic apparel is the athlete, and the values they espouse when practicing their craft. Consistency, power, and grace are at the core of any athlete’s quest, and these values guide us during our creative process. We ensure everything we do strengthens our company in the direction of these attributes, from the design of our products to our relationships with the people working with us.